Naples Daycare Center

Once you enter through the main entrance doors at Windmill Creek Academy, you are stepping into a different kind of learning environment.* The school's welcoming foyer makes for a comforting transition between school and home. A few more steps brings you to the heart of Windmill Creek Academy - the "Studio." Windmill Creek Academy has specific "Resource Centers" for each child's use. We have Music Time in the Studio which includes a state-of-the-art digital Yamaha piano. Story Time is lead in the Library as well as in the classrooms. Art is lead in classrooms as well as outdoors. Computer Time is offered in the Studio. Except for our youngest students, the children use the entire school building. Alternating from room-to-room creates a sense of expectancy and maintains a stimulating environment. Having more than one teacher helps the students experience varying teaching styles and personalities - stimulating interpersonal skills and self-esteem.

*Windmill Creek Academy is undergoing a school-wide "makeover."

Naples Preschool Daycare Center

Unlike any other preschool in Naples, Windmill Creek Academy's tree-lined campus affords shaded playing areas in a park-like setting. There is a tire swing, five slides, a large sandbox, a "monkey bar car," picnic tables, and hard-surfaced areas for tricycles and games of hopscotch. We have five, age-appropriate playgrounds for the children's use -- including our "astro turf" play area which is turned into a "water garden" play area to splish and splash in during the summer months. If your child wants to take a moment and simply lay in the grass with a friend and watch the clouds go by in our playground, that's okay too! There's plenty of room to roam and relax.