Naples Preschool Daycare Center

Windmill Creek Academy is a Reggio Emilia-inspired school. We believe all children are curious, capable and, if provided with a well-provisioned environment, have limitless potential for joy and learning. In her book, "Bringing Learning to Life," Louise Boyd Cadwell espouses, "We strive to promote an atmosphere of excitement and adventure and journeying. We want to set a tone that pulses with the pursuit of knowledge." Windmill Creek Academy embodies this philosophy.

At Windmill Creek Academy our progressive learning environment encourages:

Lifelong foundations are laid for success in reading and math readiness. Our phonics program is designed to make children feel completely at ease with the alphabet, and familiar with each sound and symbol before learning to read.
Our individualized program encourages the child to progress at their own speed so that they develop healthy self-esteem and discover that learning is fun! In our math program, emphasis is placed on building experience with tangible objects. Experimental knowledge is reinforced by tracing numbers, seriation, and sorting.

A highlight of Windmill Creek's program is Music! Music heightens phonological awareness -- an important aspect of emergent literacy. Through music and song, children are using whole brain learning while increasing their vocabulary. Movement, rhythm instruments and plenty of singing and dancing encourages your child's creative expression. It's a lot of fun, too!

Providing extensive media for self-expression, our arts program includes working with paints, crayons, markers, chalk, mosaics, clay and much more!

Naples Preschool Daycare Center
Social Studies & Sciences
In this program, children conduct experiments, study animals and insects, "All About Me," senses, shapes & colors, "Our Solar System," plants & seeds, famous people, and other mini-lessons. Through hands-on learning, the students explore different countries, people, holidays and traditions.